Accredited by NAAC with 'B' grade.




Core Faculty
S.No. Designation Staff Name Qualification Work Experience
1. Director Prof. Dr. Milind Kulkarni B.Sc., M.C.M., D.B.M.,
M.M.S. (Finance Management),
M.Phil. (Commerce & Management),
M.B.S. (Production & Operations
Management), M.C.A., Ph.D (Management)
13 Years in Industry, 9 Years in Teaching
2. Professor Dr. Atul Kapdi B. A. M. S. , M.M.M. Ph.D. (Social Marketing) 20 Years in Industry, 9 Years in Teaching
3. Associate Professor Dr. Shailesh Siddhatekkar M.P.M.M.Phil. Ph.D. (HR) 8 Years in Industry, 7 Years in Teaching
4. Asst. Professor Ms. Kanchan Jatkar B.Com, M.B.A. (Finance), Pursuing Ph.D. 8 Years in Teaching
5. Asst. Professor Dr. Rashmi Mate B.Com, M.B.A. (Finance), Ph.D. (Finance) 2 Years in Industry, 6 Years in Teaching
6. Asst. Professor Mrs. Sushama Sathe B.Sc. Physics, M.B.A. (Finance), Pursuing Ph.D. 3 Years in Industry, 6 Years in Teaching
7. Asst. Professor Mr. Ramanand Chivate MCM - Information Technology 1 Year in Industry, 10 Years in Teaching
8. Asst. Professor  Mrs. Prachi Gore B.Sc. M.B.A. (HR)

5 Years in Industry, 1 year in Teaching

9. Asst. Professor Ms. Snehal Kamble B.C.A., M.B.A.(HR), UGC-NET 1 year in Industry, 9 years in Teaching
10.  Asst. Professor Ms. Tejaswini Bhale B.A.M.S., P.G.P.P., M.B.A (Marketing) 10 Years in Industry, 5 Years in Teaching
11. Asst. Professor Ms. Kalyani Deshpande B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil, M.B.S.,Pursuing Ph.D.

5 Years in Industry, 11 Years in Teaching

12. Asst. Professor Ms. Manaswi Warekar B.A.M.S., M.B.A (HR and Production) 8 Years in Industry, 1 Year in Teaching
13. Librarian Mrs. Devayani Kulkarni M.Com., M.Lib, UGC-NET 11 Years in Library
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